Home Staging

Staging is the process of preparing any home for sale, regardless of price or location.  Sell your home fast and for more money with our help.

The Colleen Broadhurst Interiors team of professionals will modify, furnish and accessorize home properties to ensure that a maximum selling price is achieved.

The facts speak for themselves:

  •  Staged homes sell faster and for more money
  •  Staged homes show better than other comparable homes
  •  Staged homes reveal a home’s value.

First impressions are crucial!

Within 10 seconds of walking through your door, a buyer makes an emotional decision to purchase your home.  As they explore the space they look for additional signs to confirm their initial feeling.

We are able to view your space objectively while respecting your attachment to your belongings.  This can be an emotional time for home owners and our recommendations are presented to our clients with diplomacy and sensitivity.

As a full service company we do it all.  We move furniture, pack, arrange for storage, rent furniture and through our referral program, we can provide you with a quotation to execute any minor or major home improvement.  Our team understands the importance of working within crucial timelines and budget.

Let us help you sell your home.  With over 30 years of interior design experience, our team will transform your home and give it that WOW!  factor to generate offers at market value and beyond.

You only have one chance to make a first impression Make the right one! and choose The Colleen Broadhurst Interiors Team!

Staging Consultation Services

The most important work a home seller can do begins before the first showing of their house.  Knowing how to maximize the appeal of their home is not always clear. Homeowners need to know what is required to showcase their home’s best features so that it will appeal to the largest audience of buyers. Have an expert provide a blueprint for a successful sale.

Stage to Sell will identify: 

  • The most important areas of the home to emphasize
  • Which areas to downplay
  • Repairs that should be completed
  • Cost-effective updates that are needed for a quicker sale and higher profit

Our consultation will include: 

  • A full walkthrough of your home, including the exterior
  • A prioritized list of items to be corrected/completed by the homeowner for each room


Preparing a home for resale is a lot of work. We will expertly assess what is required to properly present your home for maximum appeal and we understand the importance of working within a budget.  Our team of professionals use existing furniture or rent to create buying signals throughout your home that will leave a lasting impression.

Hands-on Staging will include: 

  • A walk-through and assessment of work required
  • Editing, furniture placement, accessorizing, lighting, curb appeal
  • Staging of major areas including the front entrance/foyer, living/dining areas, kitchen, master bedroom and bath
  • We work with your existing furniture and place it to improve flow and create balance
  • We work with your existing lighting, artwork, and accessories, often re-positioning them

To create that WOW!  factor, our team will make recommendations to buy, rent or re-locate furnishings, light fixtures, window treatments and accessories to enhance atmosphere and modernize the space.

Whether you want to rent or purchase a few special pieces or use all your own, in one day you will see a remarkable transformation!

Vacant Home Staging 

The Colleen Broadhurst Interiors team specializes in the staging of vacant homes.  An empty home presents a huge challenge for potential buyers.  Unfurnished rooms actually look smaller, not larger and buyers cannot imagine how their furnishings will work in an empty space.

We can fully stage the home or do a partial staging that will highlight the major design features of the home which are lost in an empty space.

Full or Partial Staging will include: 

  • A walk-through and assessment of the work required
  • Staging of all rooms or key areas
  • Renting or purchasing of Furnishing
  • Renting or purchasing of Window Coverings
  • Renting or purchasing of Accessories
  • Renting or purchasing of Lighting
  • Renting or purchasing of Carpets

Our team of professional stagers will transform your house into a model home.  Buyers will now imagine living in the home you are selling!                                 

Realtor Services

Successful Real Estate Agents understand the benefits of our Home Staging Services.

We will be the objective third party that handles delicate issues with homeowners and we will work to ensure you always have the most impressive Open House presentations!

Our services vary from working with the owner’s furnishings to staging a completely empty home. Our team understands the importance of working within crucial timelines and budget.


  • Increase your commissions
  • Sell more homes in less time
  • Attract top dollar
  • Save marketing dollars
  • Generate more referrals
  • Increase your client’s return on investment
  • Create emotional impact on buyers

Our team of professional stagers arrive at your client’s house and transform it into a model home.  We perfect the room arrangements, modify window treatments, improve the lighting and accessorize.  Buyers will imagine living in the home you are selling!                                 

As a full service company we do it all. We move furniture, pack things away, arrange for storage and rental furniture.  If required, we will provide you with a quotation to execute any recommended home improvements.  Our team understands the importance of working within critical timelines and budget.