“If you have been fortunate enough to be referred to Colleen Broadhurst or have come across this website in search for a Designer, then look no further. 

 Whether you are looking to do a full-scale renovation or breathe new life into your current décor, Colleen Broadhurst is the best choice you will ever make.  Colleen has an amazing set of resources and professionals to draw on when assisting you with your project.  On a personal level, Colleen is just a delight to work with, she has excellent taste, is extremely reliable, honest and lots of fun too, with a great sense of humour. 

We were first-timers when we started a major renovation to our house.  While some things had gone well,  ultimately we needed to bring new resources to a job that was going nowhere in many regards – most especially the Kitchen.  We met with Colleen and have never looked back.

Thanks Colleen, we are forever grateful.”

Nancy and Anita Cira
Toronto, ON

“Our experience having Colleen as our Designer and Project Manager for our home renovation has been a pleasure from start to finish! As our renovation was substantial and daunting to us, we appreciated her professional, attentive co-ordination of the whole job.

From her initial consultations, presenting us with a variety of unique design ideas and plans, supervision and co-ordination of the contractors during the construction process, to the fine details of materials, furniture and accessory selection, we found Colleen to be attentive, patient and responsive to understanding our goals for our home. We love the results!

We highly recommend Colleen to anyone considering the renovation and/or decorating of their home.”

Christine Jordan and Dan Horchik,
Unionville, On

“Colleen Broadhurst was referred to us by a family member who had been utilizing her design services for over twenty years.  Initially we brought Colleen in to design an addition to our existing home. Through the investigative process Colleen determined that we couldn’t achieve the outcome we desired without going to The Committee of Adjustments. This was an option that we chose not to explore.  Colleen reassured us that she could reconfigure the existing space while still meeting our requirements. Colleen took our existing home down to the bare walls and our house was transformed, we couldn’t believe that Colleen’s redesign would give us everything that we dreamed of!
During the course of the project we had weekly meetings with Colleen who assured us with confidence that our project would be completed on time.  In fact, my husband and I always commented “Thank God Colleen is here!” When I felt overwhelmed, Colleen guided me in selecting the perfect finishes and fixtures for our new home
Our renovation is done and I am extremely happy with the outcome. I have invited all my friends and relatives to come in and look and they all love it!”

Barbara Chang, Toronto

“Colleen Broadhurst did an exemplary job in the details of our home renovation. Colleen well managed our expectations from the inception of all our renovation ideas to the completion of the house project.  As a designer, Colleen has an eye for colour. As one walks thru our house, one can see and feel the serene flow of all the colours. The ease in which materials were chosen to enhance the colour experience was a plus.”

Julian Chang, Toronto

I can’t thank you enough for your interior design expertise on our project, Uptown Café.  Your technical knowledge, your experience with the local municipal agencies, your coordination capabilities, your attention to detail, and your persistence and diplomacy with regard to the contractors helped to make our project run smoothly.

The level of organizational skills and spirit of cooperation you brought to our project has made this process most enjoyable.  The layout, lighting and interior finishing of the café have gone above and beyond our expectations.

Thanks again for your professionalism and creative talents.  You have created a space that both staff and patrons enjoy coming to!

Joe Santoro, Co-Owner, Uptown Café